We are passionate about boats and we put that passion into every project and every part that leaves our factory!


  1. Integral design and construction of one-off and serial components:
    • Masts
    • Booms
    • Booms and outriggers
    • Integral rudder systems
      • Oven or autoclave cured carbon fiber shafts
      • Epoxy foam core spades
      • Tiller, wheels, sectors and complementary fittings
      • Anodized aluminum and Delrin self-aligning hubs
    • Structural panels, frames, bulkheads, laminated decking and other structural components for boat building and repair.
    • Instrument mounts for masts
  2.  CNC machined models of keels, bulbs, rudders and others.
  3. Product development services for shipyards.
    • CNC machined models
    • Epoxy moulds
    • Pre-preg carbon and fiberglass components ready to install.
  4. Technical service for carbon fiber masts, hi-tech dinghys and other components.


Botalon velero malbec 36
TIMON Fibra de carbono
sistema de timon
timon fibra de carbono
nautica fibra de carbono
botavara fibra de carbono
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Velero mamparos y estructuras fibra de carbono
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timon fibra de carbono



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