At CLC Composites we develop products and provide services for all industries, being the quality of these our main objective:

  • CNC machined models for composite material matrixes, castings or castings.
  • Dies with composite materials in Pre-Preg systems, manual vacuum lamination or epoxy resin infusion.
  • Development of prototypes for composite components
  • Development of production processes for composite parts.
  • Development of composite components for industrial devices or machinery.
  • Solid plates and sandwich panels of fiberglass, carbon fiber or kevlar, with Honey-comb or PVC foam cores.
  • CNC machining of composite plates for various applications.


carcaza fibra de carbono
moldes y mecanizados cnc
moldes y mecanizados cnc
balestra fibra de carbono
deck hi tech



Services, equipment and components for Sailboats, Yachts and Dinghies.


Services, equipment and components for agricultural machinery.