Agricultural technology advances and we are here to develop the best products for the industry where weight, corrosion and fatigue resistance are key factors for the proper functioning of a machine or equipment.

  • Restoration of King Agro Sprayer Barrels to original condition.
  • Structural repairs of King Agro boom structural struts.
  • Supports for “Weed-it” or “Weed-seeker” selective spraying equipment to be mounted on King Agro drums.
  • Development of components for any type of machinery.
  • CNC machined models for carbon fiber parts, GRP, casting and casting processes.
  • Fiberglass and/or carbon fiber dies for composite parts.


weed seeker bracket system
weedseeker D&E
antes y despues barral Alin
arreglo barral agro fibra de carbono
antes y despues barral fibra de carbono
weedseeker bracket system



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